Selected Stories of Alice Munro

Selected Stories of Alice Munro

Alice Munro (CA)
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"All of her characters, even the minor ones, are given histories. And in the end we are witness to eruptions of emotional earthquakes, large and small."

"Alice Munro is a great story writer...These stories are loosely woven and brilliantly wrought...she is unique, there is no one quite like her."
- A.S. Byatt, The Globe and Mail

"Takes your breath away..."
-Sunday Times (UK)

"A gallery of masterpieces...the arc of a life becomes a dazzling shuffle of a deck of photographs arranged as a story...Selected Stories goes on the bookshelf with other masterworks of modern literature, with Chekov, Faulkner, Woolf. Munro, like these writers, tills her ordinary soil and digs into universal themes."
-The Financial Post