President Kennedy Has Been Shot

President Kennedy Has Been Shot

The Newseum
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On November 22, 1963, one of the most shocking events in history jolted a nation and signaled the end of an era. President Kennedy Has Been Shot tells the minute-by-minute story of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy and the dramatic days that followed.

Brought to you by the Newseum, the world's first interactive museum of news, President Kennedy Has Been Shot recounts those four days in November, including:

--President Kennedy's assassination and the confusion that followed

--Lee Harvey Oswald's capture, arrest and murder

--The moving presidential procession and funeral

This book and accompanying audio CD bring you the events as they happened, featuring:

--Remarkable eyewitness accounts of the reporters, photographers and White House staffers who were there

--Stunning and award-winning photos of the tragedy and a nation in grief

--The actual broadcasts that told America the news, plus rarely heard Dallas police-radio transmissions, White House communications and more

President Kennedy Has Been Shot takes you inside one of the country's defining and most debated moments. Now you can read and listen to the story as it unfolded, filling in parts of the story you may have never heard and re-creating the story for generations to come.

The audio CD included with the book lets you hear:

--The actual broadcasts of the earliest reports of the shooting

--An emotional Walter Cronkite announce the tragic news

--Chilling Dallas police-radio transmissions calling all units to the scene of the assassination

--Dramatic communication between the White House and Air Force One as it races toward Washington with newly sworn-in President Johnson

--Rarely heard phone calls from Johnson to Kennedy family members and government and civic leaders during his first moments in office

--The incredible live broadcast of Lee Harvey Oswald's murder

Hear the actual broadcasts that shocked a nation and read the story from the vantage of the men and women who chased it down. Experience again, or for the first time, the minute-by-minute story of one of the most important events in American history.