My Kind of Sad

My Kind of Sad

Kate Scowen (CA)
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Helping teens deal with depression.

"Once you've been through it and you're able to get out of it, then you can handle pretty much anything."
- Caroline, age 19

Written to be read by teens themselves, My Kind of Sad lays out the facts on moodiness, depression, and the stresses of teenaged life. From the factors affecting how kids feel to the signs of serious depression, the book explores youth-specific mental health issues and offers teens expert advice on how to find help for themselves or help a friend in need.

To help kids differentiate between general worries and something more serious, the topics include:

  • reactive depression (a mood) vs. clinical depression (a mood disorder)
  • bipolar disorder
  • anxiety disorders (panic attacks, posttraumatic stress disorder)
  • disordered eating (how food affects mood) vs. eating disorders (diseases that can kill)
  • self-mutilation (cutting)
  • suicide and warning signs
  • treatment options

Along with constructive guidance from professionals and stats from the latest studies, the book shares thoughts and feelings from teens who have experienced different forms of depression. Complete with pages of resources to help learn more, My Kind of Sad is a valuable ally in the battle against hopelessness.