Hartland de Montarville Molson

Hartland de Montarville Molson

Karen Molson (CA)
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A portrait of the man often called the Canadian establishment's quintessential figure.

Hartland Molson's life spanned almost a century that included two world wars, Prohibition, the Depression, major political upheaval, and massive social and industrial change. Born in 1907 to great wealth and privilege, he used his numerous talents wisely and lived his life with integrity.

A vigorous and active entrepreneur, he was intimately connected to key events in Canada's history:

  • At age 26, he became president of Dominion Skyways, an airline he founded to transport miners and prospectors to remote northern regions.
  • In 1939, he joined the Royal Canadian Air Force and flew more than 60 combat missions during the Battle of Britain, for which he received the Order of the British Empire.
  • After the war he returned to the family brewing business, moving up the ranks from vice-president to director.
  • In 1955 he was called to the Canadian Senate, where he served as an independent for the next 38 years.
  • An avid hockey fan, in 1957 he bought the Montreal Canadiens; his teams won five consecutive Stanley Cups.
  • In 1958, he and his brother formed the Molson Foundation, an organization set up to support "innovative projects in the fields of health and welfare, education and social development, and the humanities."

Hartland de Montarville Molson: Man of Honour is an authorized inside look at the life of an outstanding Canadian and the story of Canada over the last century.