Lore of the Witch World

Lore of the Witch World

Andre Norton
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First published September 1980, this is a collection of previously published stories, plus a new novelette, by Andre Norton with an introduction by C. J. Cherryh.

Spider Silk (1976)
Sand Sister (1979)
Falcon Blood (1979)
Legacy from Sorn Fen (1973)
Sword of Unbelief (1977)
The Toads of Grimmerdale (1973)
Changeling (1980)

Introduction by C. J. Cherryh
Spider Silk • na • Flashing Swords! #3, ed. Lin Carter, Dell, 1976
Sand Sister • na • Heroic Fantasy, ed. Gerald W. Page & Hank Reinhardt, DAW, 1979
Falcon Blood • ss • Amazons!, ed. Jessica Amanda Salmonson, DAW, 1979
Legacy from Sorn Fen • ss • Garan the Eternal, FPCI, 1973
Sword of Unbelief • nv • Swords against Darkness #2, ed. Andrew J. Offutt, Zebra, 1977
Toads of Grimmerdale • na • Flashing Swords! #2, ed. Lin Carter, Dell, 1974
Changeling • nv
Cover art for the DAW editions is by Michael Whelan.

(na=novella, a short novel less than 40,000 words. nv=novelette, a novel-like story less than about 17,000 words.)