William Nicholson
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Seeker, Morning Star, and the Wildman�s world has changed drastically: The Nomana have disbanded, the island of Nom is gone forever, and its people have scattered, seeking shelter � and something to believe in.

When a young boy preaching nonviolence and joy mesmerizes everyone who comes in contact with him, a large following grows quickly, one that soon includes Morning Star and the Wildman. Yet Seeker, obsessed with his increasingly perilous journey to kill the last of the Old Ones, finds his mission placing him at odds with this new leader.
As Morning Star longs for things to be the same again with Seeker but fears it is too late, the Wildman � a restless warlord without a war � turns a new corner that none would have expected.

In this stunning and thought-provoking conclusion to the Noble Warriors trilogy, the strength of friendship, loyalty, and faith is tested as all three heroes must decide whom to trust . . . and what to believe.

�A thrilling story of integrity shaped in the face of corruption and vaulting ambition.� � The Guardian (London) on Jango
�Written in the same style as Christopher Paolini�s Eragon and Terry Brooks�s The Sword of Shannara, the quest itself will form the characters into the people they were always meant to be.� � School Library Journal on Seeker
�Spectacular.� � Kirkus Reviews on Seeker
�Fantasy fans will devour this book and eagerly anticipate the next one.� � VOYA on Seeker